Business Mission

EL-Seed was founded with the mission to commercialize the LED technologies developed during the JST University Venture Promotion Program “Monolithic High Efficiency High Color Quality Large Size LED Development” which was carried out under the leadership of Prof. Satoshi Kamiyama of Meijo University in Nagoya, Japan.

The LED technologies developed under this program were:

  • The world’s first monolithic white LED structure– the Kamiyama LED and
  • A nano-scale moth-eye light extraction technology

In 2010, the  technology portfolio was extended by acquisition of FSGP – a growth technology for growth of epitaxial silicon carbide layers.

The business mission of EL-Seed Corp. is to develop production solutions for the above technologies and to introduce them on the market. It is our ambition that our work will contribute to the world wide endeavor to decrease energy consumption and improve consumer satisfaction.

Johan Peter Ekman
Chairman of the Board

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